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Trapdoor Screen

The ultimate way for your screen to be Installed in the ceiling! Out of sight until it’s time to go to the movies, your screen will magically roll down from the ceiling at the push of a button! With a self closing trapdoor mechanism and fully finished with Interfit ceiling edge cover strip and  underside in low sheen white, the Trapdoor Projection screen is an easily fitted, single trade installation unit. 

With the industry leading CONNECT control system as a standard inclusion, allowing IR control or contact close for integration with control systems, plus the ability to link with other CONNECT devices, such are projector lifts or roller blind systems, this screen has all the bells and whistles.


• Hidden Installation
• Quiet Operation
• Automatic Door
• Simple Single Trade Installation


• Home Theatre
• Boardroom Presentation
• Educational Facilities


Description: Fully Integrated in Ceiling Screen.

Head Box: Painted MDF with Self Closing Door.

Surface: Unity White FG - Gain 1.1, Refer to screen material options for surface addtional surfaces options.

Borders: 50mm sides & 300mm Top Leader.

Brackets: Captive Nuts 8mm.

Sizes: 72” to 150” Diagonal. Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Roller Diameter: 80mm Heavy Duty

Options: Side Tension - Extra Top Masking various control options available.

Top Leader:  Standard top leader on all screens is 300mm. Additional leader is available, for sizes 100” & under the maximum total top black leader available is 500mm, for screen sizes over 100” the maximum top black leader available is 600mm. Additional leader must be ordered at the same time as the screen, contact the sales office for advice.


• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• Surface fire rated
• This product is not suitable to be used in conjunction with a short throw projector, for the best results using a short throw projector we recommend using the CinemaSnap range. If a retractable screen is required for the installation the only suitable screen would be ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
Item NoInch DiagonalImage SizeFormatWeight
370841984"1280 x 1705Video 4:350kg
370961996"1465 x 1950Video 4:354kg
3710019100"1525 x 2035Video 4:356kg
3711519115"1755 x 2340Video 4:362kg
3712519125"1905 x 2540Video 4:366kg
3713019130"1980 x 2640Video 4:368kg
3715019150"2285 x 3050Video 4:376kg
370842984"1045 x 1860HDTV 16:952kg
370922992"1145 x 2035HDTV 16:956kg
370962996"1195 x 2125HDTV 16:958kg
3710029100"1245 x 2215HDTV 16:940kg
3711529115"1430 x 2545HDTV 16:966kg
3712529125"1555 x 2770HDTV 16:970kg
3713029130"1615 x 2880HDTV 16:972kg
3714029140"1740 x 3100HDTV 16:975kg
3715029150"1865 x 3320HDTV 16:978kg
370846984"1130 x 181016:1052kg
370926992"1240 x 198016:1056kg
370966996"1295 x 207016:1058kg
3710069100"1345 x 215516:1060kg
3711069110"1480 x 237016:1066kg
3712069120"1615 x 258516:1070kg
3713069130"1750 x 280016:1072kg
3714069140"1885 x 301516:1075kg
3715069150"2020 x 323016:1078kg


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