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Great ideas come in all shapes & sizes … this one is a box!

Interfit Screen Box gives you the ability to install an ElectriCinema Projection Screen into the ceiling so that it is out of sight & out of mind when not in use, but instantly accessible for maintenance or adjustment issues.

With an integrated power junction box for electrical connection and a universal bracketing system for the screen, the Interfit Screen Box can be pre-fitted during building construction stage.

Supplied with ceiling edge cover strips and a low sheen white painted finish underside, once installed, this box requires no additional trades to finish. When the dust has settled from the building site, you simply fit the screen and close the access door and you’re done!


• Pre-Wiring Facility
• Maintenance Access Door
• Single Trade Installation



• Home Theatre
• Boardroom Presentation
• Educational Facilities



Description: In-Ceiling installation with power junction and brackets system.

Box: E Zone MDF Construction for better air quality with fully painted Low VOC 2 pack white underside & ceiling edge covers for easy install. Custom colours available.

Screen: Suitable only for ElectriCinema Range of Screens.

Installation: Utilising 8mm threaded holes with either brooker rod or eye bolts to suitable structure.

Brackets: Utilises brackets supplied with ElectriCinema Screen.

Sizes: As shown - Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Options: Custom Colours. Not available for the ElectriCinema XL range.


  • Does not include projection screen.
  • Not interchangeable with the ElectriCinema Screen Box
  • Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
  • L stands for Large Box Style & S stands for Small Box Style.
  • ElectriCinema IP screens are 45mm longer than the original ElectriCinema Screen, if screen is to be installed into an existing screen box please contact the sales office for sizing information.
  • E Zero MDF is a low formaldehyde emitting MDF which has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L, which is lower than the current Australian standard.
  • For boxes to suit ElectriCinema Side Tension screens please contact the sales office
Item NoInch DiagonalBox DimensionsFormatWeight
EB607219-A72"L-1960 x W-195 x H-160Video 4:328kg
EB608419-S84" L-2200 x W-195 x H-160Video 4:330kg
EB609619-S96" L-2445 x W-195 x H-160Video 4:332kg
EB610019-S100" L-2530 x W-195 x H-160Video 4:333kg
EB611519-L115" L-2835 x W-235 x H-200Video 4:344kg
EB612019-L120"L-2935 x W-235 x H-200Video 4:346kg
EB613019-L130" L-3135 x W-235 x H-200Video 4:349kg
EB615019-L150" L-3545 x W-235 x H-200Video 4:355kg
EB618019-C180"L-4250 x W-265 x H-235Video 4:370kg
EB620019-C200"L-4655 x W-265 x H-235Video 4:382kg
EB607229-S72"L-2090 x W-195 x H-160HDTV 16:928kg
EB608429-S84" L-2355 x W-195 x H-160HDTV 16:930kg
EB609229-S92"L-2530 x W-195 x H-160HDTV 16:933kg
EB609629-S96" L-2620 x W-195 x H-160HDTV 16:934kg
EB610029-S100" L-2710 x W-195 x H-160HDTV 16:935kg
EB611029-L110" L-2930 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:946kg
EB611529-L115" L-3040 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:947kg
EB612029-L120" L-3150 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:948kg
EB613029-L130" L-3375 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:951kg
EB614029-L140"L-3595 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:956kg
EB615029-L150" L-3815 x W-235 x H-200HDTV 16:961kg
EB616029-C160"L-4135 x W-265 x H-235HDTV 16:966kg
EB617029-C170"L-4355 x W-265 x H-235HDTV 16:971kg
EB618029-C180"L-4575 x W-265 x H-235HDTV 16:976kg
EB620029-C200"L-5015 x W-265 x H-235HDTV 16:989kg
EB607269-S72"L-2045 x W-195 x H-16016:1028kg
EB608469-S84" L-2305 x W-195 x H-16016:1030kg
EB609269-S92"L-2475 x W-195 x H-16016:1032kg
EB609669-S96" L-2565 x W-195 x H-16016:1033kg
EB610069-S100" L-2650 x W-195 x H-16016:1035kg
EB611069-L110"L-2865 x W-235 x H-20016:1045kg
EB612069-L120"L-3080 x W-235 x H-20016:1048kg
EB613069-L130" L-3295 x W-235 x H-20016:1051kg
EB614069-L140"L-3510 x W-235 x H-20016:1056kg
EB615069-L150" L-3725 x W-235 x H-20016:1061kg
EB616069-C160"L-4040 x W-265 x H-23516:1066kg
EB617069-C170"L-4255 x W-265 x H-23516:1071kg
EB618069-C180"L-4470 x W-265 x H-23516:1075kg
EB620069-C200"L-4900 x W-265 x H-23516:1087kg


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