Connect Control


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Connect Control

iConnect Overview

The iConnect series of modules is designed to be used to control motors in projection screens, roller blind systems and AV lifting devices in domestic and commercial environments. 

The iConnect modules can be networked to each other via 6 core cable, straight through with RJ11 6P6C connectors. Control is signalled by Infra Red Remote Control (Sensor and Transmitter sold separately) and two momentary contacts for impulse wall switch or control systems.

The design is based on 9 separate IR channels plus one all-command, with up to 9 Connect Motor Controllers within the Connect network.

Contact closure is designed for local control only, with IR commands controlling all modules on the Connect network.

The Connect modules link in a Daisy Chain configuration where the Connect Network OUT RJ11 6P6C Port of one module is connected to the Connect Network IN RJ11 6P6C Port of the next module.


Network Rules 

The rules for a network to operate are:


  1. Up to 9 Connect modules may be connected.

  2. The network is linear - i.e. No branches or forks in network.

  3. The module that has the IR sensor connected is always considered Module 1 in the Connect Network

  4. If using the CS2 iSense Trigger, you must use module 1 in the Connect Network and plug it into the IN RJ11 6PC6 socket marked in on the module.

  5. The network should not form a loop - i.e. the last module is NOT to be plugged back into the first module.

  6. The maximum cable length between modules is 20m.

  7. The IR receiver should be permanently connected to at least one motor controller as some features can be changed by programming via the IR transmitter.
In the above example the Connect Network comprises of the following features:
  • Projection Screen and AV Lifter are controlled by IR channel 1.
  • All 7 blinds controlled by IR channel 2.
  • Blinds 1 and 2 have individual local control via impulse wall switches (momentary contact).
  • Blinds 3 through 7 have single group local control by parallel wired impulse wall switch (momentary contact).
  • Momentary contact offers a stop function if required.
The above example has the following features:

  • All Connect modules are programmed (using Connect 6 Button Remote Transmitter) to have sequential IR channels assigned 1 thru 9.
  • Grouping is controlled by a programmable IR Remote Control System (supplied by others), that can utilise hexadecimal IR format codes.
  • All modules are controllable via single IR sensor, which can be attached to any module position.
  • Network can also have all up/down commands for total group control with a single IR code.


Item NoDescription
6500100Single motor controller for 240 VAC 2A Tubular Motors
6500200Single motor controller for 24 VDC 50Hz Motors