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ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Screen (White Surface)

The ElectriCinema has long been the premium projection screen of choice for the AV industry, with all the high quality features that you come to expect from a Screen Technics product, rugged design, contemporary good looks and ease of installation with the universal bracket system.


Full integrated with Connect IP, 12v trigger, contact closure and IR plus the ability to link & group switch with other Connect control devices.



Description: Designer Style Motorised Projection Screen with Integrated IP, 12v Trigger, contact closure & IR Remote Control.

Head Box: White (standard) Black or Silver available at no extra charge

Surface: Unity White, Greenguard certified, black backed, FG up to 150” (Gain 1.1). Unity White PVC, NO black backing, above 150” (Gain 1.0)

Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom

Brackets: One piece, multi position bracketing system for wall or deiling installation.

Sizes: Standard sizes as per grid below. Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Roller Diameter: Type A headbox - 53mm, Type B headbox - 80mm, Type C headbox - 110mm

Options: Rear projection, ChromaKey Surface , Extra Top Masking, RF RTS Remote, custom powder coat colours.

Leader: 300mm (standard) on all sizes - adjustable on site to suit installation

Extra Leader: Up to 500mm total on Type A headboxes / Up to 600mm total on Type B eadboxes / Up to 800mm total on Type C headboxes (extra charges apply)



• With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• Surface Fire Rated
• If long top leader lengths are required please see our ElectriCinema Side Tension range or the Screen Lowering Device.
• ElectriCinema IP screens are 45mm longer than the original ElectriCinema Screen, if screen is to be installed into an existing screen box please contact the sales office for sizing information.
• * Please note that not all screens are GreenGuard certified in this size & also not available in Hi Contrast Grey

ST Connect

Item NoSizeFormatImage SizeWeightHeadboxSlatrod
White SurfaceH x W (mm)(kg)Length (mm)Length (mm)
0607269-A72"16:10970 x 15501518751670
0608469-A84"16:101130 x 181017.521351930
0609269-A92"16:101240 x 19801823052100
0609669-A96"16:101295 x 207018.523952190
0610069-A100"16:101345 x 21551924802275
0611069-B110"16:101480 x 23703126952490
0612069-B120"16:101615 x 25853229102705
0613069-B130"16:101750 x 28003531252920
0614069-B140"16:101884 x 30153933403135
0615069-B150"16:102020 x 32304435553350
0616069-C160"16:102155 x 34505038503580
0617069-C170"16:102290 x 36655640653795
0618069-C180"16:102425 x 38786142804010
0619069-C190"16:102560 x 40956844954225
0620069-C200"16:102695 x 43107447104440
0621069-C210"16:102830 x 45258149254655
0607219-A72"4:31100 x 14651417901585
0608419-A84"4:31280 x 17051720301825
0609619-A96"4:31465 x 19501822752070
0610019-A100"4:31525 x 20351923602155
0611519-B115"4:31755 x 23403126652460
0612019-B120"4:31830 x 24403227652560
0613019-B130"4:31980 x 26403429652760
0615019-B150"4:32285 x 30503933753170
0616019-C160"4:32440 x 32504736503380
0617019-C170" 4:32590 x 34554938553585
0618019-C180"4:32745 x 36605240603790
0619019-C190"4:32895 x 38605742603990
0620019-C200"4:33050 x 40656244654195
0621019-C210"4:33200 x 42656846654395
0607229-A72"16:9895 x 15951519201715
0608429-A84"16:91045 x 18601721851980
0609229-A92"16:91145 x 20351823602155
0609629-A96"16:91195 x 212518.524502245
0610029-A100"16:91245 x 22151925402335
0611029-B110"16:91370 x 24353127602555
0611529-B115"16:91430 x 25453228702655
0612029-B120"16:91495 x 26553329802775
0613029-B130"16:91615 x 28803732053000
0615029-B150"16:91865 x 332045.536453440
0616029-C160"16:91995 x 35455639453675
0617029-C170"16:92115 x 37655641653895
0618029-C180"16:92240 x 39856143854115
0619029-C190"16:92365 x 42056846054335
0620029-C200"16:92490 x 44257448254555
0621029-C210"16:92615 x 46508150504780


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