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Connect iReply
The iReply interface can control 2, 4 or 8 (depending on the model) iConnect modules – projection screens, lifters and blinds.  It allows iConnect modules to be controlled and monitored via multiple communication protocols.

iReply supplies real-time operational feedback for ease of integration into control systems.

  • IP is a standard feature on the internal control board supplied in a ElectriCinema. An external IP device is not required with the ElectriCinema Screens.
  • To be used in conjunction with iConnect Motor Controlled Devices.

  • WEB interface for manual control, diagnostics and development.  An IP module with a browser forms a powerful control, configuring and development tool.
  • TCP/IP (Ethernet), RS232, RS485 and USB can all be used for control and monitoring – even simultaneously.
  • RS232 port can be linked through to a TCP/IP port to control projectors etc.
  • Multiple TCP/IP links mean multiple systems can control and monitor the system.
  • Setting and access can be password protection.
  • Common Protocol on all interfaces


The Web interface allows configuration of:
  • Username and Password
  • The IP modules IP address, gateway and subnet etc.
  • The Protocol to be used on each port
  • The screens, lifters, blinds and curtains.

The Web interface shows:
  • The opperation states and details for each connected device such as type, position, etc. 
  • An activities log on all communication ports.
  • The Web interface allows simple manual control the connected devices by simply clicking on a button.

Ethernet and TCP/IP ports

Ethernet and TCP/IP Ports 

The Ethernet port will concurrently support multiple TCP/IP links and the WEB interface. A simple and fast ASCII protocol is used that is easy to put together and easy to debug.

The Ethernet port is provided on a standard RJ45 socket.  It performs HP Auto-MDIX so no crossover cable to worry about.  By default the unit will negotiate a 10M link which is more tolerant noise but more than fast enough.


A full speed USB port is provided.  The USB port can also power the complete module.  The USB needs no custom driver as it appears as two serial ports on the computer.


The RS232 style port is provided on plug in screw terminals with optional handshaking lines.  Support baud rates from 1200 to 115,200.


The RS485 port is provided on plug in screw terminals.  Suitable for working on very long cables (up to 300m).


The protocol is easy to use.  Each command and each response is a simple line of text. Data returned is both CSV and fixed width for easy processing on all systems.  Each port uses the same protocol so changing the physical interface has minimum impact on the controlling software.


Power is either from USB (must be a powered hub or PC Host) or from the supplied 12V plug pack. Efficient design means the interface module runs cool.

Connect Network Position

The IP Connect module connects into the Connect network at either end or in the middle.  The Right Connect port on the module is isolated – allowing operation across harsh electrical environments and avoiding ground loops that cause interference in audio systems.

Link Through Facility

A dedicated TCP/IP port can be linked through to the RS232 port for controlling local devices with serial ports such as projectors.

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