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ElectriCinema Large Venue Motorised Screens

In 2012 Screen Technics released the ElectriCinema XL into the market and since its release it has dominated the large venue screen market. The ElectriCinema XL has now been rebranded the ElectriCinema Type D and it now has a companion screen to further enhance its established reputation, The ElectriCinema Type E.

The ElectriCinema Type E enjoys the same designer good looks as the Type D but with an increased roller size we can now offer up to 400" in a top roller screen



• Sizes up to 400” Diagonal.
• Adjustable pick up point locations
• Connect IP Control System with IP, 12v Trigger. IR Control and contact close.
• Designer Good Looks.
• Surface Fire Rated  



• Cocert halls
• Auditoriums
• Lecture theatres



Description: Designer Style Motorised Projection Screen with Integrated IP, 12v Trigger,contact closure & IR Remote Control.

Head Box: Colour to be specified at time of order. standard powder Coat options are White, Silver or 
Black. Custom colours  are available upon request. (extra charges apply)

Surface:  Unity White PVC, NO black backing (Gain 1.0)

Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom

Mounting: Standard - Load Rated M10 Eyebolts

8 per Type D headbox and 12 per Type E headbox

Options - Wall brackets or flat ceiling mount brackets (extrs charges apply)

Sizes: Standard sizes as per below grid .Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Roller Diameter: 150mm Heavy Duty (Type D) and 225mm Heavy Duty (TYpe E)

Options: Rear projection  

Top Leader: To be specified at time of order. 300mm standard (included in cost) 1000mm maximum (extra charges apply)




• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• Can not be used in conjunction with the ElectriCinema Screen Box
• Due to the size and weight of this product freight costs can be significant, please allow for this in your tendering process.
• With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
• The ElectriCinema XL utilise load rated M10 eyebolts and requires at least 6 fixing points
• Fire rated surface
Item NoSizeImage SizeFormatWeightHeadboxSlatrod
H x W (mm)(kg)Lgth (mm)Lgth (mm)
0620069-D200"2695 x 431016:1014048604490
0622569-D225"3030 x 485016:1015054005030
0625069-D250"3365 x 538516:1016559355565
0627569-D275"3705 x 592516:1018064756105
0630069-E300"4040 x 646516:1024570156645
0632569-E325"4380 x 700516:1026575557185
0635069-E350"4715 x 754016:1028580907720
0637569-E385"5050 x 808016:1030086308260
0640069-E400"5385 x 862016:1032091708800
0620019-D200"3050 x 40654:314046154245
0622519-D225"3430 x 45704:314551204750
0625019-D250"3810 x 50804:316056305260
0627519-D275"4190 x 55904:317061405770
0630019-D300"4570 x 61004:318566506280
0630019-E300"4570 x 61004:323566506280
0632519-E325"4955 x 66054:325071556785
0635019-E350"5330 x 71104:327076607290
0637519-E375"5715 x 76204:328581707800
0640019-E400"6100 x 81304:330586808310
0620029-D200"2490 x 442516:914049754605
0622529-D225"2800 x 498016:915555305160
0625029-D250"3115 x 553516:917060855715
0627529-D275"3425 x 608516:918566356265
0630029-E300"3735 x 664016:925071906820
0632529-E325"4050 x 719516:927577457375
0635029-E350"4355 x 774516:929082957925
0637529-E375"4670 x 830016:931088508480
0640029-E400"4980 x 885516:933094059035


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