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Drape Kits

TechFold portable screen systems offer the professional solution to audio visual challenges as demanded by major event presentations, corporate showcase and hospitality conferencing.

TechFold sets the industry standard for rental companies who insist on rugged, intelligent design that works first time, every time, time and again.



• Heavy duty construction
• Fire Rated Material
• Tool free assembly


• Major events
• Corporate
• Hospitality & Conferences


Description: Drape kit to suit TechFold Screens
Construction: Consists of a top valance drape (355mm), bottom skirt (1450mm) and 2 side wing drapes (810mm wide) as well as a foldable valance bar and wing bars to suit.
Drape Material: Fire Rated, 100% Cotton Black Velvet. Other colours available upon request.
Sizes: As shown - Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.
Installation: Supplied with star winders for a tool free assembly, winders are stored in a separate vinyl bag.
Options: Height adjustable skirt bar

• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• Surface Fire Rated
• Available in 2.35:1
• All Truss frames over 240” (16ft) in width use L-Bracing for strength
• All Truss Frames over 300” (20ft) in width use wider truss section at 220mm
• Techfolds up to and including 240” (12 x 16) supplied as standard with legs. Over 240” (12 x 16) are not supplied with legs are designed to be flown. Supplied with hanging brackets only (no legs).
Item NoInch DiagonalFeet Image Size mmFormat
3936609n/a12 x 123660 x 3660Square
3912019120"6 x 81830 x 2440Video 4:3
3915019150"7.5 x 102250 x 3000Video 4:3
3918019180"9 x 122745 x 3660Video 4:3
3920019200"10.5 x 143050 x 4065Video 4:3
3924019*240"12 x 163660 x 4880Video 4:3
3930019*300"15 x 204570 x 6100Video 4:3
3945019*450"22.5 x 306860 x 9145Video 4:3
3912029120"n/a1495 x 2655HDTV 16:9
3913029130"n/a1615 x 2880HDTV 16:9
3914029140"n/a1740 x 3100HDTV 16:9
3915029150"n/a1865 x 3320HDTV 16:9
3916029160"n/a1955 x 3545HDTV 16:9
3917029170"n/a2115 x 3765HDTV 16:9
3918029180"n/a2240 x 3985HDTV 16:9
3920029200"n/a2490 x 4425HDTV 16:9
3922529225"n/a2800 x 4980HDTV 16:9
3925029*250"n/a3115 x 5535HDTV 16:9
3927529*275"n/a3424 x 6087HDTV 16:9
3930029*300"n/a3735 x 6641HDTV 16:9
3932529*325"n/a4050 x 7195HDTV 16:9
3935029*350"n/a4355 x 7745HDTV 16:9
3937529*375"n/a4670 x 8300HDTV 16:9
3940029*400"n/a4980 x 8855HDTV 16:9
3942529*425"n/a5295 x 9410HDTV 16:9
3945029*450"n/a5605 x 9960HDTV 16:9
3912069120"n/a1615 x 258516:10
3913069130"n/a1750 x 280016:10
3914069140"n/a1885 x 301516:10
3915069150"n/a2020 x 323016:10
3916069160"n/a2155 x 345016:10
3917069170"n/a2290 x 366516:10
3918069180"n/a2425 x 387816:10
3920069200"n/a2695 x 431016:10
3922569225"n/a3030 x 485016:10
3925069*250"n/a3365 x 538516:10
3927569*275"n/a3705 x 592516:10
3930069*300"n/a4040 x 646416:10
3932569*325n/a4380 x 700516:10
3935069*350"n/a4715 x 754016:10
3937569*375"n/a5050 x 808016:10
3940069*400"n/a5385 x 862016:10
3942569*425"n/a5725 x 916016:10
3945069*450"n/a6060 x 970016:10


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