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Cross Prism Screen

The dnp Cross Prism Screen solves two significant quality issues that plague many modern control room displays: intrusive seams and image speckle from single lens projectors. Made from an acrylic styrene copolymer material, the screen is highly resistant to unstable projection environments and retains its dimensions, allowing design of cubes and display walls with almost invisible seams. Moreover, the screen incorporates technology that eliminates “speckle” – the small bright spots in the image which are a familiar single lens projection problem. The result is a smooth, clean image – even close up.

  • Unsurpassed contrast, high brightness levels and no speckle
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low humidity expansion/contraction
  • Non-glare easy-clean surface
  • Multiple focal length options
Screen Sizes: 50", 70"& 80"Video 4:3


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