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Lace Out

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Projection Screen

A fixed large screen format surface designed for theatrical/cinema venues which have in place existing frame support structures to ‘lace out’ a projection screen, which is then usually masked by curtains to adjust format ratios to suit individual theatrical releases. 

Fully customised designs and shapes are available upon request. And how big can we make them ..... well in the past we have made them up to 80 metres wide for the Sydney Para-Olympics so pretty big ! 

All Lace Out Screens come in welded PVC material with welded eyelets along the screen perimeter at 150mm centres as per industry standard, and come in 5 material types, as listed below. 

Please note that Screen Technics also provides the service of complete cinema fit outs upon request, including screens, framing system, speaker stands, motorised curtain masking systems and drape supply, please ask our sales department about a design consultation for your commercial cinema.

  • Refer to surface options for additional screen surface options 
  • Custom Sizes, Shapes & Formats available upon request.
  • Various Fire Rated Surfaces available upon request
Front Projection
Item No Price Guide Brand Type
3431000Below 30 SqmImageTech 3100Front Project
3431005From 30 sqm up to 80sqmImageTech 3100Front Project
3431009Over and above 80 sqmImageTech 3100Front Project
Item NoPrice GuideBrandType
3432001Below 30 SqmImageTech 3200Perforated
3432006From 30 sqm up to 80sqmImageTech 3200Perforated
3432010Over and above 80 sqmImageTech 3200Perforated
Item NoPrice GuideBrandType
3430002Below 30 SqmImageTech 3000RearTech
3430007From 30 sqm up to 80sqmImageTech 3000RearTech
3430011Over and above 80 sqmImageTech 3000RearTech
Item NoPrice GuideBrandType
3470004Below 30 SqmImageTech 7000RearCoat
3470008From 30 sqm up to 80sqmImageTech 7000RearCoat
3470012Over and above 80 sqmImageTech 7000RearCoat
Twin White
Item NoPrice GuideBrandType
3490000Below 30 SqmImageTech 9000Twin White
3490002From 30 sqm up to 80sqmImageTech 9000Twin White
3490004Over and above 80 sqmImageTech 9000Twin White


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