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The new dnp Zenith Screen line meets the challenge of modern high-performance projectors to deliver outstanding image quality even in ambient lighting. The dnp Zenith Screen line is designed for the 100”-plus market; especially for TV studios, conference rooms, home entertainment, education and multiple screen installations, i.e. simulation or control rooms, where high-quality images are essential even in unfavourable lighting conditions. 

The new screen is available in widths up to 4m/159” with heights corresponding to standard aspect ratios.

• Designed to complement modern, high-lumens projectors

• Represents the perfect match between gain, contrast and viewing angles, resulting in outstanding brightness  uniformity.

• The Zenith screen has a gain 2.2 with a dark tint and a non-glare surface that minimises reflections. 


Screen sizes:  92” UP TO 199” 


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