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ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen

The Side Tension system offers the ultimate experience in a motorised projection screen, providing the best possible lay flat with its large diameter roller and side tensioning system to pull the screen flat, suitable for home theatre.


Fully integrated with Connect IP, 12v trigger, contact closure and IR plus the ability to link & group switch with other Connect control devices


• Excellent lay flat
• Quiet operation
• Reliability


• Home Theatre
• Boardroom Presentations
• Data Projection



Description: Designer Style Motorised Projection Screen with Integrated IP, 12v Trigger, contact closure & IR Remote Control.

Head Box: Powder Coat White as standard with Silver and Black as same cost option.

Surface: Unity White PVC - Gain 1.0 or Hi Contrast Grey - Gain 0.8 Refer to Screen Material Options for additional surfaces.

Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom with 300mm adjustable top black leader.

Brackets: One piece clip-on L bracket suitable for wall or ceiling installation.

Sizes: 72” Diagonal to 180” Diagonal. Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Roller Diameter: Large Canister - 80mm Heavy Duty

Options: Extra Top Masking, RF RTS Remote, custom powder coat colours.

Top Leader: Standard top leader on all screens is 300mm. Additional leader is available, or sizes the maximum total top black leader available is 1200mm. Additional leader must be ordered at the same time as the screen, contact the sales office for advice.




• With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• If long top leader lengths are required please see our ElectriCinema Side Tension range or the Screen Lowering Device.
• This product is the only suitable retractable screen to be used in conjunction with a short throw projector, for the best results using a short throw projector we recommend using the CinemaSnap range.
• If to be used in conjunction with the ElectriCinema Screen Box please notify the sales office, ElectriCinema Side Tension Screens canisters are longer than a standard ElectriCinema screens and will require larger screen boxes.
Unity WhiteHi Contrast Grey
Item No.Item No.Image Size mmFormat
0607219-STS0607218-STS72"1100 x 1465Video 4:3
0608419-STS0608418-STS84"1280 x 1705Video 4:3
0609619-STS0609618-STS96"1465 x 1950Video 4:3
0610019-STS0610018-STS100"1525 x 2035Video 4:3
0611519-STS0611518-STS115"1755 x 2340Video 4:3
0613019-STS0613018-STS130"1980 x 2640Video 4:3
0615019-STS0615018-STS150"2285 x 3050Video 4:3
0618019-STS-180"2745 x 3660Video 4:3
0608429-STS0608428-STS84"1045 x 1860HDTV 16:9
0609229-STS0609228-STS92"1145 x 2035HDTV 16:9
0609629-STS0609628-STS96"1195 x 2125HDTV 16:9
0610029-STS0610028-STS100"1245 x 2215HDTV 16:9
0611029-STS0611028-STS110"1370 x 2435HDTV 16:9
0611529-STS0611528-STS115"1430 x 2545HDTV 16:9
0612029-STS0612028-STS120"1495 x 2655HDTV 16:9
0613029-STS0613028-STS130"1615 x 2880HDTV 16:9
0615029-STS0615028-STS150"1865 x 3320HDTV 16:9
0618029-STS-180"2240 x 3985HDTV 16:9
0608469-STS0608468-STS84"1130 x 181016:10
0609269-STS0609268-STS92"1240 x 198016:10
0609669-STS0609668-STS96"1295 x 207016:10
0610069-STS0610068-STS100"1345 x 215516:10
0611069-STS0611068-STS110"1480 x 237016:10
0612069-STS0612068-STS120"1615 x 258516:10
0613069-STS0613068-STS130"1750 x 280016:10
0614069-STS0614068-STS140"1884 x 301516:10
0615069-STS0615068-STS150"2020 x 323016:10
0618069-STS-180"2425 x 388016:10


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