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Screen Lowering Device

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Screen Lowering Device with Trapdoor

What do you do if you have a very high ceiling, say in a Church or Town Hall? You lower the actual projection screen into position, then motor down the screen.

Utilising a secondary motor system that lowers and raises an ElectriCinema projection screen into position, it comes with a top enclosure for the screen to rest in when not in use and full cable management for both the primary screen and secondary lift motor.

Fully integrated with Connect contact closure and IR plus the ability to link & group switch with other Connect control devices.



  • Lowers the screen into position
  • Screen Enclosure
  • Back Up Fall Arrester for additional safety.
  • System includes screen



  • Town Halls
  • Churches
  • Educational Facilities
  • Buildings with high ceilings



Description: Lifting Device to lower motorised screen into position with high ceiling.

Box: MDF Construction with Ceiling Edge Strip and Cable Management System & Self-Closing Door.

Screen: Pricing includes the cost of the Motorised Screen (ElectriCinema).

Surface: Unity White FG - Gain 1.1, Refer to screen material options or page 5 of the brochure for additional surface options.

Travel: Standard Travel Equals Picture Area Width (extra travel available POA).

Sizes: 72” to 180” Diagonal Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Brackets: 8 off Captive Nuts 8mm.

Options: Extra Travel and various control options


  • With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
  • Surface Fire Rated
  • Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.
Item NoInch DiagonalImage Size mmFormat
SLD3707219-S72"1100 x 1465Video 4:3
SLD3708419-S84" 1280 x 1705Video 4:3
SLD3709619-S96"1465 x 1950Video 4:3
SLD3710019-S100"1525 x 2035Video 4:3
SLD3711519-L115"1755 x 2340Video 4:3
SLD3713019-L130"1980 x 2640Video 4:3
SLD3715019-L150"2285 x 3050Video 4:3
SLD3718019-L180"2745 x 3660Video 4:3
SLD3707229-S72"895 x 1595HDTV 16:9
SLD3708429-S84" 1045 x 1860HDTV 16:9
SLD3709229-S92" 1145 x 2035HDTV 16:9
SLD3709629-S96" 1195 x 2125HDTV 16:9
SLD3710029-S100" 1245 x 2215HDTV 16:9
SLD3711029-L110" 1370 x 2435HDTV 16:9
SLD3711529-L115" 1430 x 2545HDTV 16:9
SLD3712029-L120" 1495 x 2655HDTV 16:9
SLD3713029-L130"1615 x 2880HDTV 16:9
SLD3715029-L150"1865 x 3320HDTV 16:9
SLD3718029-L180"2240 x 3985HDTV 16:9
SLD3707269-S72"970 x 155016:10
SLD3708469-S84"1130 x 181016:10
SLD3709269-S92"1240 x 198016:10
SLD3709669-S96"1295 x 207016:10
SLD3710069-S100"1345 x 215516:10
SLD3711069-L110"1480 x 237016:10
SLD3712069-L120"1615 x 258516:10
SLD3713069-L130"1750 x 280016:10
SLD3714069-L140"1885 x 301516:10
SLD3715069-L150"2020 x 323016:10
SLD3718069-L180"2425 x 387816:10