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ElectriCinema Premium Motorised Screen (Hi Contrast Grey Surface)

The ElectriCinema has long been the premium projection screen of choice for the AV industry, with all the high quality features that you come to expect from a Screen Technics product, rugged design, contemporary good looks and ease of installation with the universal bracket system.


Full integrated with Connect IP, 12v trigger, contact closure and IR plus the ability to link & group switch with other Connect control devices

Why choose a Grey Screen ?

When you don’t have full control of ambient light conditions the colour grey assists the projector in improving black levels in the colour spectrum by shifting the contrast band towards the darker scale. This improves overall colour saturation but with the loss of some brightness normally well compensated for by todays modern projectors.

What is a Lambertian Screen ?

The Hi Contrast Grey has a maximum gain of 0.8 which by definition creates the lambertian effect of a 180 degrees wide viewing cone, with little brightness drop off when viewed from an extreme angle. Perfectly suitable for public space installations with a wide audiences.



Description: Designer Style Motorised Projection Screen with Integrated IP, 12v Trigger, contact closure & IR Remote Control.

Head Box: Powder Coat White as standard with Silver or Black as same cost option.

Surface: Hi Contrast Grey - Gain 0.8

Borders: 50mm Sides & Bottom with 300mm adjustable top black leader.

Brackets: One piece clip-on L bracket suitable for wall or ceiling installation.

Sizes: 72” Diagonal to 300” Diagonal. Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Roller Diameter: Small Canister - 53mm Heavy Duty, Large Canister - 82mm Heavy Duty

Options: ChromaKey Surface , Extra Top Masking, RF RTS Remote, custom powder coat colours.

Top Leader: Standard top leader on all screens is 300mm. Additional leader is available, for sizes 100” & under the maximum total top black leader available is 500mm, for screen sizes over 100” the maximum top black leader available is 600mm. Additional leader must be ordered at the same time as the screen, contact the sales office for advice.



  • With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
  • Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
  • Surface Fire Rated
  • If long top leader lengths are required please see our ElectriCinema Side Tension range or the Screen Lowering Device.
  • ElectriCinema IP screens are 45mm longer than the original ElectriCinema Screen, if screen is to be installed into an existing screen box please contact the sales office for sizing information.
  • This product is not suitable to be used in conjunction with a short throw projector, for the best results using a short throw projector we recommend using the CinemaSnap range. If a retractable screen is required for the installation the only suitable screen would be ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.


Item NoSizeImage SizeFormatWeight HeadboxSlatrod
H x W (mm)(kg)Length (mm)Length (mm)
0607268-A72"970 x 155016:101518751670
0608468-A84"1130 x 181016:1017.521351930
0609268-A92"1240 x 198016:101823052100
0609668-A96"1295 x 207016:1018.523952190
0610068-A100"1345 x 215516:101924802275
0611068-B110"1480 x 237016:103126952490
0612068-B120"1615 x 258516:103229102705
0613068-B130"1750 x 280016:103531252920
0614068-B140"1885 x 301516:103933403135
0615068-B150"2020 x 323016:104435553350
0607218-A72" 1100 x 14654:31417901585
0608418-A84"1280 x 17054:31720301825
0609618-A96" 1465 x 19504:31822752070
0610018-A100" 1525 x 20354:31923602155
0611518-B115"1755 x 23404:33126652460
0612018-B120"1830 x 24404:33227652560
0613018-B130"1980 x 26404:33429652760
0615018-B150"2285 x 3050 4:33933753170
0607228-A72"895 x 159516:91519201715
0608428-A84"1045 x 186016:91721851980
0609228-A92"1145 x 203516:91823602155
0609628-A96"1195 x 212516:918.524502245
0610028-A100"1245 x 221516:91925402335
0611028-B110"1370 x 243516:93127602555
0611528-B115"1430 x 254516:93228702665
0612028-B120"1495 x 265516:93329802775
0613028-B130"1615 x 288016:93732053000
0614028-B140"1740 x 310016:93934253220
0615028-B150"1865 x 332016:945.536453440


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