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ViewMaster Pro Screen Box

The ViewMaster Pro Screen Box allows you to install a ViewMaster Pro into the ceiling so that it is out of sight when not in use but instantly accessible.

With an integrated power junction box for electrical connection and a universal bracketing system for the screen, the screen box can be pre-fitted during the building construction stage.


• Pre-Wiring Facility
• Maintenance Access Door
• Single Trade Installation


• Home Theatre
• Boardroom Presentation
• Educational Facilities



Description: In-Ceiling installation with power junction and brackets system.

Box: E Zone MDF Construction for better air quality with fully painted Low VOC 2 pack white underside & ceiling edge covers for easy install. Custom colours available.

Screen: Suitable only for the ViewMaster Pro Range of Screens.

Installation: Utilising 8mm threaded holes with either brooker rod or eye bolts to suitable structure.

Brackets: Utilises brackets supplied with Viewmaster Pro Screen.

Sizes: As Shown, Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.


  • Does not include projection screen.
  • Not interchangeable with the ElectriCinema Screen Box
  • Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
  • L stands for Large Box Style & S stands for Small Box Style.
  • E Zero MDF is a low formaldehyde emitting MDF which has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L, which is lower than the current Australian standard.
Item NoSizeFormatBox Dimensions Weight
VB4508419-184"Video 4:3L-2155 x W-215 x H-17530kg
VB4509619-196"Video 4:3L-2400 x W-215 x H-17532kg
VB4510019-1100"Video 4:3L-2485 x W-215 x H-17533kg
VB4511019-1110"Video 4:3L-2685 x W-215 x H-17546kg
VB4511519-1115"Video 4:3L-2790 x W-215 x H-17547kg
VB4512019-1120"Video 4:3L-2890 x W-215 x H-17548kg
VB4512019-2120"Video 4:3L-2935 x W-235 x H-20049kg
VB4513019-2130"Video 4:3L-3135 x W-235 x H-20050kg
VB4515019-2150"Video 4:3L-3545 x W-235 x H-20055kg
VB4508429-184"HDTV 16:9L-2310 x W-215 x H-17530kg
VB4508529-185"HDTV 16:9L-2330 x W-215 x H-17531kg
VB4509229-192"HDTV 16:9L-2485 x W-215 x H-175 33kg
VB4509629-196"HDTV 16:9L-2575 x W-215 x H-17534kg
VB4510029-1100"HDTV 16:9L-2665 x W-215 x H-17535kg
VB4510229-1102"HDTV 16:9L-2710 x W-215 x H-17537kg
VB4511029-1110"HDTV 16:9L-2885 x W-215 x H-17546kg
VB4511229-1112"HDTV 16:9L-2930 x W-215 x H-17547kg
VB4512029-1120"HDTV 16:9L-3105 x W-215 x H-17548kg
VB4512029-2120"HDTV 16:9L-3150 x W-235 x H-20049kg
VB4513029-2130"HDTV 16:9L-3375 x W-235 x H-20051kg
VB4515029-2150"HDTV 16:9L-3815 x W-235 x H-20061kg
VB4508469-184"16:10L-2260 x W-215 x H-17530kg
VB4509469-194"16:10L-2475 x W-215 x H-17532kg
VB4509669-196"16:10L-2520 x W-215 x H-17533kg
VB4510069-1100"16:10L -2605 x W-215 x H-17535kg
VB4510369-1103"16:10L-2670 x W-215 x H-17537kg
VB4511069-1110"16:10L-2820 x W-215 x H-17545kg
VB4512069-1120"16:10L-3035 x W-215 x H-17548 kg
VB4512069-2120"16:10L-3080 x W-235 x H20048kg
VB4513069-2130"16:10L-3295 x W-235 x H-20051kg
VB4514069-2140"16:10L-3510 x W-235 x H-20056kg
VB4515069-2150"16:10L-3725 x W-235 x H-20061kg
VB4514029-2140"16:9L-3595 x W-235 x H-20056kg


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