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Articulating Wall Mount

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SmartMount SA761PU

Extending the flat panel display up to 27.55” (700mm) from the wall and allowing for a full 180° of side-to-side motion for perfect view positioning of displays up to 75”. Fine-tuning of the installation is simple with its side-to-side display levelling and 1” (25mm) of vertical adjustment features that help achieve perfection. This articulating wall mount also provides display centering on the wall plate and integrates a desirable cable management system, centering the flat panel display on the wall when retracted and organizing and protecting the cables.

For 40” to 75” flat panel screens

• Display can be held as close to the wall as 4.43” (113mm) or be extended as far as 27.55” (700mm)

• One-touch tilt allows adjustment of +15/-5° without the use of tools

• Display can be pivoted a full 90°

• ±5° of roll to level screen horizontally level the display post installation. 

• Display can be rotated from portrait to landscape without removing the display for easy orientation changes

• Integrated cable management keeps cables out of the way

• 4.5” (114mm) horizontal adjustment for display position fine tuning

• Multi-link construction allows for a full 180° range of motion

• Minimalistic wall plate footprint for increased wall access and improved aesthetics


Model: SA761Pu Black 

Adapter: Includes Universal mount fits displays with mounting patterns up to 686 x 439mm (27” x 17.29”) 


Dimensions: (W x H x D)
28.68” x 20.23” x 4.43”-27.55”
(728 x 514 x 113- 700 mm)

Tilt:  +15/-5º

Swivel: ±90°

Roll: ±5°

Max Load:  59 kg

Ship Weight:  21 kg

Mounting Surfaces: Wood stud, concrete, cinder block and metal stud. (Metal stud accessory required)


  •  Includes theft resistant hardware for attaching screen to mount.