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Redleaf Tripod Screen

This portable projection screen has a flexible operation and comes with integrated carry handle, so is perfect for those presentations on the go.


• Portable Projection Screen.
• Integrated Carry Handle.
• Height Adjustable.
• Black Headbox



• Education & Training
• Government Projects



Description: Tripod Screen is a basic entry level portable projection screen. 

Headbox: Aluminium Head Box in Powder Coat Matt Black. 

Surface: Matt White Fibreglass

Size: No wider than Net Picture Area 2360mm.


  • Distributed by Screen Technics
  • With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
Item NoSizeImage SizeFormatWeightCase Dimensions
H x W (mm)(kg)(mm)
RLTP12709Bn/a1210 x 1210Square9kg1700 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP15309Bn/a1470 x 1470Square11kg1700 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP18009Bn/a1740 x 1740Square12kg1960 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP20309Bn/a1950 x 1950Square13kg2190 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP24409Bn/a2360 x 2360Square14kg2600 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP06869B68"920 x 147016:1011kg 1700 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP07519B75"1147 x 15304:310kg1700 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP08419B84"1237 x 16504:312kg1860 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP10019B100"1530 x 20304:313kg2190 L x 200 H x 115 D
RLTP12019B120"1770 x 23604:316kg2600 L x 200 H x 115 D


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