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CinemaTech Chain Drive Screen (Hi Contrast Grey Surface)

Why choose a Grey Screen ?

When you don’t have full control of ambient light conditions the colour grey assists the projector in improving black levels in the colour spectrum by shifting the contrast band towards the darker scale. This improves overall colour saturation but with the loss of some brightness normally well compensated for by todays modern projectors. 

What is a Lambertian Screen ? 

The Hi Contrast Grey has a maximum gain of 0.8 which by definition creates the lambertian effect of a 180 degrees wide viewing cone, with little brightness drop off when viewed from an extreme angle. Perfectly suitable for public space installations with a wide audiences. 


The Ultimate Manual Home Theatre Screen. Utilising a unique Chain Drive Lifting System, this Screen has no “pull down” stress placed upon it, so the Lay-Flat qualities last & last. With infinite adjustment for screen placement the screen is a dream to use and lock into position.

Chain drive offers longer life and improved lay-flat.



• Value for money
• Simplicity of design
• Sure stop lock mechanism
• Rugged construction
• Surface Fire Rated 



• Education & Training
• Government Projects



Description: Quality Home Theatre Manual Chain Drive Screen System.

Head Box: White (standard) - Black or Silver available at no extra charge.

Custom colours available (extra charges apply)

Chain Drive: Standard on left side - optional right side chain at no extra cost

Surface: Hi Contrast Grey, black backed, FG Screen (Gain 0.8)

Borders: 50mm side and bottom borders

Leader: 300mm (standard) on type A and B headboxes

Extra Leader: maximum 500mm (type A headbox),

maximum 600mm (type B headbox) - extra charges apply

Brackets: One piece clip-on L bracket suitable for wall or ceiling installation.

Type A headbox (2 brackets) - Type B headbox (3 brackets)

Sizes: Standard sizes as per grid below.

Custom sizes and formats available on request

Roller Diameter: Type A headbox - 47mm , Type B headbox - 80mm

Options: ChromaKey Surface, Rear Projection, Reverse rolled (extra charges apply)

Warranty: 3 years (see our terms and conditions for full warranty details)


  • With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
  • Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
  • Surface Fire Rated
  • 110” & over are supplied with a white nylon chain 
  • If long top leader lengths are required please see our ElectriCinema Side Tension range or the Screen Lowering Device. 
Item NoSizeImage SizeFormatWeightHeadboxSlatrod
Grey SurfaceH x w (mm)(kg)Length (mm)Length (mm)
4307268-A72"970 x 155016:101117401670
4308468-A84"1130 x 181016:101320001930
4309268-A92"1240 x 198016:101421702100
4309668-A96"1295 x 207016:1014.522602190
4310068-A100"1345 x 215516:101523452275
4311068-B110"1480 x 237016:102625702490
4312068-B120"1615 x 258516:102927852705
4313068-B130"1750 x 280016:103230002920
4314068-B140"1884 x 301516:103532153135
4307218-A72"1100 x 14654:31116551585
4308418-A84"1280 x 17054:31318951825
4310018-A100"1525 x 20354:31522252155
4311018-B110"1676 x 22354:32824352355
4311518-B115"1755 x 23404:32926302550
4312018-B120"1830 x 24404:33026402560
4313018-B130"1980 x 26404:33328402760
4314018-B140"2135 x 28454:33630452965
4315018-B150"2285 x 30504:33932503170
4307228-A72"895 x 159516:91117851715
4308428-A84"1045 x 186016:91320501980
4309228-A92"1145 x 203516:91422252155
4309628-A96"1195 x 212516:914.523152245
4310028-A100"1245 x 221516:91524052335
4311028-B110"1370 x 243516:92726352555
4312028-B120"1495 x 265516:93028552775
4313028-B130"1615 x 288016:93328552775
4313528-B135"1680 x 299016:93531903110


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