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CinemaSnap Hi Contrast Grey

Setting the benchmark for perfect lay flat and ease of installation, this fixed screen system is designed to complement modern home theatre design, utilising a dedicated wall space.

Easy to install and never requires re-tensioning of the screen surface!

Why choose a Grey Screen ? 

When you don’t have full control of ambient light conditions the colour grey assists the projector in improving black levels in the colour spectrum by shifting the contrast band towards the darker scale. This improves overall colour saturation but with the loss of some brightness normally well compensated for by todays modern projectors. 


What is a Lambertian Screen ? 

The Hi Contrast Grey has a maximum gain of 0.8 which by definition creates the lambertian effect of a 180 degrees wide viewing cone, with little brightness drop off when viewed from an extreme angle. Perfectly suitable for public space installations with a wide audiences. 


Fixed Frame Screen -  ready to assemble - best possible lay-flat qualities

Frame: Black Powdercoat Finish for Increased Contrast and Overscan Protection.

Easy snap on screen surface Hi Contrast Grey - Refer to Screen Material Options for additional surfaces.

Borders: As per frame system - 80mm wide

Brackets: MultiTech Wall Brackets

72” Diagonal up to 180” Diagonal Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

Options: Flocke Frame Optional

  • Comes standard with a Black Powdercoat Frame 

  • The CinemaSnap frame system utilises the structure of the wall to provide frame rigidly. If you intend to not use the wall but some other method of mounting please contact the sales office for advice on any engineering alterations that may be required.

  • Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.

  • This product is suitable to be used in conjunction with a short throw projector. If a retractable screen is required for the installation the only suitable screen would be an Electricinema Side Tension Screen. 
Item NoInch Diagonal Image Size FormatWeight
120721872"1100 x 1465Video 4:316kg
120841884"1280 x 1705Video 4:317kg
120961896"1460 x 1950Video 4:318kg
1210018100"1525 x 2035Video 4:319kg
1211018110"1676 x 2235Video 4:321kg
1211518115"1755 x 2340Video 4:322kg
1212018120"1830 x 2440Video 4:323kg
1213018130"1980 x 2640Video 4:326kg
1214018140"2134 x 2845Video 4:327kg
1215018150"2285 x 3050Video 4:330kg
1216018160"2440 x 3250Video 4:330kg
1217018170"2590 x 3455Video 4:333kg
1218018180"2745 x 3660Video 4:335kg
1220018200"3050 x 4065Video 4:329kg
120722972" 895 x 1595 HDTV 16:913kg
120842884"1046 x 1860HDTV 16:916kg
120922892"1145 x 2035HDTV 16:917kg
120962896"1195 x 2125HDTV 16:918kg
1210028100"1245 x 2215HDTV 16:919kg
1211028110"1370 x 2435HDTV 16:919kg
1211528115"1430 x 2545HDTV 16:922kg
1212528125"1555 x 2545HDTV 16:924kg
1213028130"1615 x 2880HDTV 16:925kg
1213528135"1680 x 2990HDTV 16:926kg
1214028140"1740 x 3100HDTV 16:927kg
1215028150"1865 x 3320HDTV 16:929kg
1216028160"1995 x 3545HDTV 16:932kg
1217028170"2115 x 3765HDTV 16:933kg
1218028180"2240 x 3985HDTV 16:934kg
1220028200"2490 x 4425HDTV 16:938kg
1222528225"2801 x 4980HDTV 16:943kg
120726872"970 x 1550 16:1013kg
120846884"1130 x 181016:1016kg
120926892"1240 x 198016:1017kg
120966996"1295 x 207016:1018kg
1210069100"1345 x 215516:1019kg
1211069110"1480 x 237016:1021kg
1212069120"1615 x 258516:1023kg
1213069130"1750 x 280016:1024kg
1214069140"1884 x 301516:1027kg
1215069150"2020 x 323016:1029kg
1216069160"2155 x 345016:1032kg
1217069170"2290 x 366516:1033kg
1218069180"2425 x 388016:1034kg
1220069200"2690 x 431016:1038kg
1222569225"3030 x 485016:1043kg
1225069XL250"3365 x 538516:1085kg
1227569XL275"3705 x 592516:1090kg
1230069XL300" 4040 x 646516:1095kg
1232569XL325"4375 x 700516:10100kg
1235069XL350"4715 x 754016:10105kg
1237569XL375"5050 x 808016:10110kg
1240069XL400"5385 x 862016:10115kg
120844884"835 x 1965CinemaScope 2.35:118kg
120924892"915 x 2155CinemaScope 2.35:119kg
120964896"955 x 2245CinemaScope 2.35:120kg
1210048100"995 x 2340CinemaScope 2.35:122kg
1211048110"1095 x 2575CinemaScope 2.35:123kg
1212048120"1195 x 2810CinemaScope 2.35:125kg
1213048130"1295 x 3054CinemaScope 2.35:126kg
1215048150"1495 x 3515CinemaScope 2.35:130kg


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