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Redleaf Manual Pull Down Screen (White Surface)

Value for money and simplicity of design make these basic pull down projection screens ideal for educational facilities and corporate use, or an inexpensive starting point for the home theatre enthusiast. White Headbox only.



• Value for money
• Simplicity of design
• Self- lock device for easy operation 



• Education & Training
• Government Projects



Description: Manual HT is a basic entry level manual spring operated screen.

Head Box: Metal Head Box in Powder Coat Matt White Only.

Surface: Matt White Fibreglass 

Leaders: 30mm Sides & Bottom with 30mm Top Black Leader.

Brackets: Combo Bracket for Wall Fixing or Twin Hanging Points.

Sizes: 75” Diagonal to 120” Diagonal 

Top Leader: No additonal leader available on this screen 

Options: None available



  • With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
  • If long top leader lengths are required please see our ElectriCinema Side Tension range or the Screen Lowering Device. 


Item NoSizeImage SizeFormat WeightCase Dimensions
H x W (mm)(kg)(mm)
RLHT07519W75"1147 x 15304:361665 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT08229W82"996 x 177016:971965 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT08369W83"1120 x 179016:1081985 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT08419W84"1237 x 1650 4:371845 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT09229W92"1140 x 203016:982165 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT09869W98"1320 x 211016:1092315 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT10019W100"1523 x 2030 4:382165 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT10029W100"1200 x 213016:992345 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT11869W118"1590 x 254016:10162805 L x 140 H x 135 D
RLHT12019W120"1770 x 2360 4:3102575 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT12029W120"2050 x 266016:9162805 L x 140 H x 135 D
RLHT12709Wn/a1210 x 1210Square 61405 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT15309Wn/a1470 x 1470Square71665 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT18009Wn/a1740 x 1740 Square81935 L x 130 H x 110 D
RLHT21309Wn/a2050 x 2050Square92165 L x 130 H x 110 D


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