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For projects that require a motorised screen with an image width greater than 6100mm, the bottom roller design gives the best possible lay flat for these challenging installations.

Site requirements normally dictate the use of a custom size screen in these larger venues. Please seek advice from the sales department.



• Bottom roller design

• Steel box frame construction

• Custom sizes and formats available

• Surface Fire Rated



• 6100mm to 13800mm in width

• Multi purpose rooms

• Conference Rooms

• Educational Facilities



Description: Large Commercial motorised screen
Head Box: Matt Black.
Surface: Unity White PVC - Gain 1.0 Refer to page 5 for surface options
Borders: 50mm Sides & 200mm Bottom, top leader length needs to be specified at time of order.
Brackets: P1000 Uni-Strut Bracket System
Sizes: 350” Diagonal to 550” Diagonal. Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request.
Roller Dia: 150mm Heavy Duty
Options: Extra Top Masking, Connect Control, custom powder coat colours.
Top Leader: To be specified at time of order.


• Custom sizes & Formats available upon request.
• Can not be used in conjunction with the ElectriCinema Screen Box
• Due to the size and weight of this product freight costs can be significant, please allow for this in your tendering process.
• With ultra short throw projectors we recommend the use of either the CinemaSnap Fixed Frame Screen or the ElectriCinema Side Tension Screen.
• The Admiral screen utilise P1000 Uni-Striut bracket system and requires at least 4 pairs of fixing points (larger sizes require 5 pairs of fixing points)
Item NoInch DiagonalImage SizeFormatWeight
0965009n/a6500 x 6500Square310kg
0970009n/a7000 x 7000Square330kg
0980009n/a8000 x 8000Square370kg
0935019350"5330 x 7110Video 4:3335kg
0940019400"6100 x 8130Video 4:3380kg
0945019450"6860 x 9150Video 4:3420kg
0950019500"7620 x 10160Video 4:3460kg
0955019550"8380 x 11180Video 4:3500kg
0960019600"4064 x 12192Video 4:3540kg
0968019680" 10350 x 13800Video 4:3620kg
0930029300" 3735 x 6641HDTV 16:9315kg
0935029350"4355 x 7745HDTV 16:9360kg
0940029400"4980 x 8855HDTV 16:9410kg
0950029500"6225 x 11065HDTV 16:9500kg
0955029550"6850 x 12175HDTV 16:9545kg
0960029600"7470 x 13280HDTV 16:9580kg
0962029620"7720 x 13725HDTV 16:9600kg
0930069300"4040 x 646416:10300kg
0935069350"4715 x 754016:10350kg
0940069400"5385 x 862016:10400kg
0950069500"6735 x 1077516:10485kg
0955069550"7405 x 1185016:10530kg
0960069600"8080 x 1293016:10570kg
0964069640"8620 x 1379016:10600kg


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