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Giant Wide Angle

dnp’s Giant Wide Angle Screen is the world's first 200" optical rear projection screen. With an image area of up to 3 x 4 metres, it offers the size of a 5 x 5 cube videowall in a one-piece screen. Due to its optical lens design, the dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen offers exceptional brightness and contrast levels, making it an impressive medium for high-quality projection of large images in conference rooms, lecture halls and control rooms with long viewing distances.


The dnp Giant Wide Angle also comes in a version specially designed to meet the requirements of brightly-lit TV studios. TV studios normally operate with light levels well above 1000 lux. These are far too high for standard projection screens and washed out, unreadable images are the result.


dnp’s solution features enhanced black levels that generate high levels of contrast and a matt surface that reflects the absolute minimum of ambient light, thereby delivering the picture quality TV studios need.


• Also available in a TV studio version.


Screen sizes:  140”, 150”, 160”, 180”, 200”

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